Hire Me

I’ve been doing this social media thing for 15 years, and I love sharing the most important things I I know through motivational public presentations, workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions.

I built my first business using social media when I was 20, and since then have helped wellness, lifestyle and fashion brands to create impactful digital strategies.

I work with wellness entrepreneurs and creatives to align your heart’s message with your life and business for transformational results.

My goal is to help you have clarity and confidence in using social media to spread your brand’s message and create impact.

I will help you take the right steps toward: 

  • Crafting social media strategy that feels authentic, fulfilling and drives results
  •  Building an authentic, recognizable brand that reflects your values
  • Building a strong community
  • Strategically creating brand partnerships that will take your work to the next level

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? Email me and tell me one thing that you’d like more clarity with when it comes to social media.